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Looking for something to do? Check out these links!

  • Check out: But Why? A podcast for curious kids from Vermont Public Radio! Click HERE
  • Want to know why penguins feet don’t freeze? Check out
  • Want to practice block coding? Or do you want to continue a project you started in STEM class? Check out Scratch HERE! (If you already created an account, or you had one, you can sign in or create a new account, it’s free!
  • Read, play games, and conduct cool science experiments at Highlights Kids!
  • Watch, listen and play games to learn all about amazing animals at Switch Zoo

Free Online Books for Children and Families

Oxford Owl ebooks

This award-winning website from Oxford University Press is your online resource for children’s books and other reading activities.  It’s designed to support their learning at school and at home. Once you register for free, you can access more than 250 free Oxford ebooks for kids along with storytelling videos, games and guides that help them develop their reading skills.

Storyline Online

Storyline Online is another award-winning, interactive children’s literacy site that features famous actors like Kevin Costner, Betty White, James Earl Jones, Eva Longoria, and others reading children’s books alongside minor animation elements. Each video has a brief explanation below it showing details of the run time, book author, illustrator, and publisher, suggested grade level, and a plot summary. Run by The Screen Actors Guild Foundation, the site offers books developed by credentialed elementary educators and aims to strengthen verbal, written and comprehension skills for English language learners.

International Children’s Digital Library (multiple languages)

ICDL is a nonprofit organization that provides access to the best children’s books of their culture, and cultures around the world regardless of where they live. There are over 4,000 titles in 59 languages to choose from, that you can read to your children.  If you want a personal bookshelf for your family, create a free account and save your favorite kids’ books, set personal preferences, and bookmark books you’d like to read later.  Alternatively, use the simple search interface to find suitable titles by age, length of book, genres, reading level and more. You can also pick a book from some of the featured titles on the home page, and read away for free anonymously. Once you have a few to get started, it’s easier to extract powerful themes from the stories to help explain important lessons to your kids or allow them to expand on the stories and create games out of them.

Open Library

This site is part of the nonprofit Internet Archive and houses a collection of more than one million books, with access to over 22,000 free online books for kids – classic and newer titles – for free.  It continually updates its collection of links to children’s books online, plus other books, so you can rummage through the collection and find a few for your own reading pleasure.

Amazon eBooks

Amazon isn’t just an online store to buy stuff from. It’s also a rich resource for kids’ books online. You can find free Kindle books for kids categorized under the Children’s eBooks section. There are several subcategories like Action & Adventure, Animals, Early Learning, Sports & Outdoors, each with 100 free eBooks to pick from so you can read a different one each day to your kids. With more than 3,000 children’s ebooks, you’re sure to find something you and they will like.

Mrs. P’s Magic Library (Books to read and to have read to you)

You probably know her from her role as ‘Mimi’ in the Drew Carey Show, but Kathy Kinney wears more hats than just actress and comedienne – she’s a storyteller and children’s advocate too. Kinney believes that children deserve a good book to read or be read to, which is why she and her partners co-created this site to pep up the magic and joy of hearing timeless stories online. She’s a wonderful and skilled storyteller, and on the site she stars as Mrs. P, a grandmother who reads classic storybooks aloud from her couch in a voice that children can enjoy. Kinney takes children on unforgettable adventures as far as their imaginations allow, and find quality entertainment that inspires them to read and love books.

Barnes & Noble Nook Books (Download the free Nook app to get these books)

Barnes & Noble is synonymous with books so you’re guaranteed they’ll have some for the little ones too. The site has a special Kids’ section with different categories to choose from such as age or subjects, and you can sort them by title, bestseller, new or old, and user ratings. If you have the Barnes & Noble Nook e-reader, you can download free online books for kids from ages 0-12 years. Some children’s favorites like Disney characters Elsa and Anna, or Dr. Seuss, Peppa Pig, Dork Diaries, and many others are all in there.

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