Letter from Our Principal

Principal WilmerSeptember 2022

Dear Catharine Family,

Welcome to the start of the 2022-2023 school year! As a member of the J.W. Catharine family, I am excited to re-launch our learning community and continue to build a connection amongst our students, staff, and families.

Our school leadership team, in addition to our teachers and other support staff have worked extremely hard over the summer to develop our digital learning program. Our planning for our digital experience are based on our guiding principles:

-Ensuring the health and safety of all scholars and staff
-Protecting our mission and vision
-Being adaptive
-Keeping relationships close
-Communicating intentionally

As we began to work together to create this document, we focused on two goals: to protect learning and to promote a positive home and school connection.

Protect learning- now more than ever, our goal is to ensure that students continue to learn and develop. It is critical that we continue to hold ourselves accountable engaging students with rigorous curriculum and high quality learning that is paired with high quality instruction. We also know that there has been unfinished instruction from the spring, which makes protecting time with our students sacred. We will protect our time for students by providing both synchronous (live) and synchronous (videos,pre recordings, etc.) instruction that contains the elements of effective teaching practices with time for student individualization.  We are also committed to protecting your learning as well- our digital learning program provides weekly opportunities for professional learning, teacher collaboration, and data analysis so that we are prepared to provide the best possible experience for our students.

Promote a positive home and school connection- we see the value in our connection with students, families, and with each other.  During our time of digital learning, we will continue to connect with families through personalized calls home, virtual parent conferences, consistently updating our website, and increased use of our social media pages. We want to keep you updated on the most recent and important information. Therefore, please check out our website Joseph W. Catharine  for our 20-21 communication plan with more detailed information regarding our instructional and safety procedures.

We look forward to working with you this year.

Ms. Lisa Wilmer